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Wills & Succession Planning

Plan and Preserve Your Wealth for Future Generations

We understand that the death of a partner or spouse can cause significant financial hardship and that the people you want to benefit from your property and affairs may not do so if you do not have a will. 

More and more people are understanding that if they die without a Will, they have no control over who inherits their land, money, or other assets because Intestacy Laws determine how the estate is allocated. People who die without a will leave their family and friends with unwanted work, problems, and expenditures, and they frequently accidentally give assets to the government.

This should not be a problem for bereaved families to manage. When writing a will, many factors must be considered, and it is critical to seek qualified advice at this stage; otherwise, families may become divided, wasting valuable time and money on court hearings.

Oahks Consulting has significant expertise creating wills and administering inheritances. Our legal experts will professionally guide you through the process.

We provide bereaved families with a competent, compassionate, and sensitive service to assist and guide them through the complex legal process, which includes:

Professional Advice and Will Drafting
Lodgment of Will and Grant of Probate Application
Succession Planning
Estate Administration and Planning
Advice on the Creation of Foundations and Trusts
Disposal of Assets
Debts, Taxes and Liabilities Reconciliation and Settlements
Powers of Attorney
Processing of Probate Letters


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