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Let our PRO and legal experts handle all your paperwork.

OAHKS Consulting assists individuals and corporations in obtaining government approvals and jobs in order to complete the process in a timely and trouble-free manner.

Clients use our PRO services to outsource all administrative tasks and ensure that all permits are updated and renewed on time. This helps streamline your business and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. We also become your contact with government departments and advise you on right course of action in all cases.

MOFA Attestation Trade License Renewal Freelancer Permit Visa Services

In the UAE, MoFA attestation is a required procedure to validate the authenticity of important certificates and documents required for visa, employment, study, medical, or any other reason.

Certificate attestation in the UAE extends to a broad category of documents issued within and outside the country. The legalisation process among other things covers:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Divorce contracts
  • Educational certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Powers of attorney
  • Commercial contracts and invoices

Renewal of licenses can be a time-consuming process because it necessitates substantial documentation. Licenses must also be renewed on time, or else penalties, fines, and even a company ban may be imposed. Even if your company license was not done by us, we can help you renew your license hassle-free.

It is vital to comprehend the various types of licenses given by the DED in Dubai before beginning with your license renewal.

  • Commercial license: Business activities that involve the sale of tangible products must apply for a commercial license before they can begin operating.
  • Industrial license: Required for manufacturing and industrial companies.
  • Professional license: Services that require a special skill for an exchange of fee comes under the professional category.
In short, our experts can renew your license, apply for visas, and handle all of the necessary paperwork, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

In addition to handling your license renewal, Oahks Consulting can help you open corporate bank accounts and advise you on the best financial institution for your specific needs. We also provide visa and immigration services and can handle all government formalities, permissions, work permits, and visa applications required to conduct business in the UAE.

A few free zones in the UAE offer Freelancer Permits to specific professionals. Media-related sectors, education-related sectors, and technology-related sectors are all represented among the professionals. Holders of a Freelancer permit can obtain a residence visa for two or three years, depending on the Free zone they choose. The individual must submit the following documents in order to obtain these permits.

  • Business plan defining your objective as per the selected activities.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Passport Copy & Visa Page.
  • NOC (if UAE resident): No Objection Letter provided by the individual’s sponsor allowing the applicant to transfer the resident visa and to obtain a freelance permit with Tecom.
  • Portfolio / Samples of works (For media sector only).
  • Bank reference letter.
  • 2 Reference letter(s): Reference letter provided from your Clients/Manager recommending your ability to work as individual(Subject to the Authority requirement).

Right from the beginning to the completion of the visa processes, Oahks offers a wide range of visa services in Dubai and UAE to help our clients. Our visa services for both individuals and corporate clients in UAE. Oahks visa experts deal with a wide range of visa-related services including:
• Business visa
• Employment visa
• Family visa
• Tourist visa
• Dubai Maid Visa
• Investor Visa

Consult Oahks visa consultants to find out which visa type is best for you or any other immigration formalities. We will provide personalized services to make your visa processing as simple as possible.


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