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Mainland Company Formation

Trade anywhere inside and outside the UAE with a mainland licence

A mainland company is a legal entity that can conduct business both inside and outside of the country. All mainland UAE legal entities must be licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and are governed by the UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL).

The main advantages for foreign investors establishing a business in mainland UAE include:

Freedom to trade anywhere in the UAE or the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, including all Free Zones.
No territorial restrictions on business activities or office/premises location.
A broader range of real estate options from which to choose.

Working with us ensures that you have a thorough understanding of your options before deciding where and how to establish your company’s presence in the UAE.

How we can help you?

Getting approvals and clearances from various departments.
Drafting MoU of association and other necessary agreements.
Help to bring local equity.
Finding local Partners for LLC company formation Dubai.
Helping to open bank accounts.
Assisting to find proper office location.
business setup in dubai
Simple and Easy with OAHKS!

The ability to handle simple and complex issues makes our firm unique. OAHKS can provide all the necessary assistance from document registration to finding the investor-friendly zone.

OAHKS Consultants will supply necessary documentation and local legislation compliance for mainland company registration in Dubai and other UAE Emirates.

Three ways to set up a mainland company in the UAE.

We help to identify the proper location, local service agent and enlighten on the strategic planning for the company.

LLC Company Branch of Foreign Company Representative Office

One way of setting up a mainland business operation in Dubai is through a Limited Liability Company or LLC. An LLC is the most prevalent company type in UAE. It can be created by a minimum of 2 shareholders and a maximum of 50 shareholders, whose liability is limited to their business capital shares.

Why set up an LLC in UAE?

  • Get special visa privileges for you and your family.
  • You can create multiple branches of your company.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted business without a partner or corporate service agent.
  • Easy of opening bank accounts and access to business credit cards. 
  • Full ownership of legal documents and assets.

Setting up a foreign branch office in UAE permits you to perform all activities offered by its parent company. This is subject to approval on activities as specified in the license at the time of incorporation and approved by the Ministry of Economy.

Branch of Foreign Companies are allowed to enter into contracts and conduct local business plus are permitted to show the permitted activities of the parent companies. Profit share can be kept at 100% and local, and national involvement is as a local service agent only.

Setting up a Representative Office allows you to market the services or products offered by the parent company. A Representative office cannot commercially trade or sign contracts in the UAE. Both these legal forms need a service agent. Either as an individual or corporate vehicle to complete the incorporation process. A service agent’s responsibility is to render labour and immigration services for the company. They hold no financial liabilities or obligations related to the company inside and outside the Emirate.


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