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IFZA – International Free Zone Authority

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), was founded in Fujairah in 2018 and relocated to Dubai in 2020. It provides investors with low-cost fees and straightforward procedures for starting a company.

IFZA offers competitive free zone License packages, starting with zero visa companies and progressing to several visa alternatives.

IFZA Business Setup

The company setup can also be done remotely; human presence is not required. Establishing a company in the International Free Zone Authority is quick and simple, taking only 3-4 days.

The following personal documents are required for the establishment of a business in this Free Zone:

  • International passport with your address and mobile number.
  • As proof of address, a utility bill is required.
  • Photo of yourself in passport size (for visa-eligible companies).
  • Copy of UAE entry stamp (for visa-eligible companies).

After a successful registration, the following papers will be provided:

  • Contract of Lease.
  • Share Certificate.
  • Trade Permit and Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Association Articles and Agreement.


IFZA Company Setup Cost

You can save money on capital requirements and annual audits by setting up a business.

The cost of an IFZA license is AED 12,500 with a zero visa consultation. Registration fees are included in the visa fees.

License typePrice(AED)
Eligible Visa company17,900
Zero visa package13,900
UAE Residence Visas in IFZA Corporate Amendments Liquidating a Company in IFZA

At IFZA, applications for resident visas can be done online. Health insurance is not essential for visa processing. Business Owners' and employees' visas are valid for three years. 

The following are required for visa processing:

  • For a business card, could take seven to ten days.
  • Five to Six days for Emirates ID, medical examination, and visa stamping.
  • It takes three days to setup a company.
  • Five days for entry permit.

In the IFZA, some countries are classified as high-risk. They are advised to setup their businesses in Dubai due to the moderate immigration requirements.

Some of the high risk countries are as follows: Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Algeria.

This list is updated frequently and differs by Emirates, so there is always the possibility of accommodating a person of any nationality.

A cost of 2,000 AED will be charged by the International Free Zone Authority, if the adjustment is made outside of the renewal process.

Minor adjustments can be made by just sending an email from the registered address. Although, a board Resolution is required for large modifications.

Liquidating a company in IFZA is an easy process.

First, you have to cancel visas, then return the original documents to the International Free Zone.

The cost of liquidation is 2,000 AED.

Benefits of DMC Free Zone Company

  • One license can cover up to six activities.
  • In Fujairah, offices, warehouses, hotels, and residential flats are all located on the same property.
  • A wide range of commercial activities are available.
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