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DMC - Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City (DMC) was established in January 2001 with the goal of establishing Dubai as the region’s leading media hub, with news agencies, publishing, online media, advertising, production, and broadcast facilities.

It is managed by the Dubai Holding subsidiary Technology Electronic Commerce and Media Group (TECOM).

It provides a cutting-edge infrastructure and a welcoming atmosphere for media companies to operate globally from Dubai. It is one of Dubai’s most renowned business registration locations. Advertising, communications, event management, media consultation and support services, as well as a variety of freelancers, are all welcome to work in this free zone.

Freelancer Permit

This freelance permit allows you to work as a self-employed professional. It establishes you as a lone practitioner and allows you to operate your firm under your given name rather than a brand name. A freelancing visa for Dubai Media City allows you to live and work in the UAE while also sponsoring your family. This permit is available through the TECOM administration, which is part of Dubai Media City.

Setting Up a DMC Company

This registration process depends on the type of business entity you choose.

Below is a list of the required initial documents:

  • Business plan
  • International Passport

The personal bank statement for the last 3 months for Lebanese and Syrian Nationals is required.

DMC registration consists of a few stages:

  1. Initial approval – 5 days
  2. Leasing of an office
  3. Payment
  4. Registration – 6 days
UAE Residence Visas in Dubai Media City Corporate Amendments Liquidating a Dubai Media City Company

Dubai Media City(DMC) has a number of visa packages. This is dependent on the type of office space you choose.  In the case of a warehouse, visa packages can range from one to 100 or more.

The process for obtaining a resident visa is simple once the business license has been granted:

  • Emirates ID
  • Entry permit
  • Resident Visa Stamping in the passport
  • Medical test
  • Establishment card of the company
  • Status adjustment

Business owners can make as many modifications as they desire. The expenses vary and are determined by the sort of change being made.

There are two types of amendments that can be made:

License Amendment.

Registry Amendment.

License Amendment: This amendment requires a change to the Manager's name, the addition of activity within the same segment or change of business activity, the deactivation of an existing segment, the license's location/address,  the removal of activity within the segment, the creation of a new publishing segment, and the addition of new channels.

Registry Amendment: This involves a change to the company name, the operational name, the parent company name, the addition or removal of directors, and the financial year.

If a company registered with Dubai Media City decides to revoke its license and deregister, it must contact the Authority to complete the de-registration process.

If you do not renew your license and do not cancel it, it will become inactive. The Dubai Media City government will then proceed to liquidate the corporation on its own.

The following are the pricing for offices in Dubai Media City's free zone (in AED):
Facility typeVisa TypeCost in AED
Furnished Executive office (19 sqm)
597,500 AED including a deposit of 10,000 AED
Private Workspace235,000 AED including a deposit of 5,000 AED
Warehouse/Showroom in Dubai Production City (800 sqm)1 visa per 12 sqm440,000 AED
Unfitted Corporate office (70 sqm)1 visa per 8 sqmstarts from 70,000 AED
Unfitted Boutique office (380 sqm)1 visa per 8 sqm 589,000 AED

Benefits of DMC Free Zone Company

  • A globally recognized free zone that is home to well-known multinational IT companies.
  • Various office and warehouse facilities are available throughout Dubai.
  • Banks welcome businesses from this free zone.
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