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AFZA– Ajman Free Zone Authority

Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) launched in 1988, is one of the UAE’s oldest and most well-known free zones. It is appealing  to businesses of all sizes because of its economical and flexible office packages, as well as its quick and simple licensing process.

It is also affordable for young entrepreneurs and offers several installment payment methods, as opposed to business setup in Dubai.

The free zone’s strategic location, which puts it within easy reach of two international airports and four major seaports, is a strong selling factor.

AFZA Business Setup

For your company registration in Ajman free zone, you might require business establishment advisors in Dubai. You can also accomplish that without going to the free zone.

The business setup can be done within 24 hours. 

The documents and information listed below will be required:

  • Passport photo (passport size).
  • Email address, phone number, and residential address.
  • Name of the business.
  • Activity in the business world.

After a successful registration, You will be given some documents which you can use to open a business bank account in Dubai. They are as follows:

  • Certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Trade Permit.
  • Written agreement (for companies with multiple partners).
Ajman Free Zone Company Setup Cost

For young professionals between the ages of 20 and 30, the cost of starting a business in Ajman is 5,000 AED.

Fees for other packages are determined by visa availability and business activities. The cheapest license from the trading category, which is valid for one visa, costs 13,535 AED.

In AFZA, you have the option to pay in multiple installments. You can pay for the company by 2, 3 or 6 installments.

TypePrice (AED)
For trading (covers only one visa)13,535
Package for freelancers
One visa is available for service16,135
Package for entrepreneurs (20-30 years old owners)5,000
AFZ Residence Visas Corporate Amendments Liquidating a Company in Ajman Free Zone

The cost of an Ajman visa, which includes a medical examination and an Emirates ID, is 2,800 AED. This can be done only in Ajman. 

The following are required for visa processing:

  • For a business card, could take seven to ten days.
  • Five to Six days for Emirates ID, medical examination, and visa stamping.
  • It takes a day to setup a company.
  • Five days for entry permit.

The rates for any amendments to made, ranges from 500 AED to 2000 AED.

Majority of amendments must be made by the company owner personally, although there is also the option of appointing a representative.

The procedure of liquidating a company in Ajman free zone company is almost the same in all the free zones:

First, you will need to secure a few clearances:

  • Closure of bank account.
  • Cancellation of residence visa.
  • You rented a facility from the Ajman maintenance department.
  • Business Closure.

After a month of liquidation, you will receive an official letter of deregistration. 

Benefits of Ajman Free Zone Company

  • It serves as an important gateway for international travel and commerce.
  • For infrastructure usage, power, and leasing, the Ajman Free Zone offers very affordable options.
  • AFZ provides a one-stop shop for visa processing as well as a variety of other business services.
  • A wide range of commercial activities are available.
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