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General Queries

You can start your business as low as 5,000 AED. There is no minimum cap to the amount of money needed to start a business in Dubai. The cost of starting a business varies depending on its activities, investment partners, location, and so on.
If you do it on your own, opening a UAE bank account is free. When it comes to maintaining a minimum monthly balance, each bank has its own requirements. We can also assist you in opening a bank account. Please click here to learn more about our Bank Account Opening services.
The following documentation is required to renew a trade license:

A signed copy of the terms and conditions
A signed price list
A signed application form
A signed office lease agreement (if applicable)
The Shareholder’s updated documents (passport and visa copies)
The license renewal process will take 2-7 working days to renewed.
Offshore Company Set Up

An offshore company is a corporate entity legally permitted to trade, hold assets, and conduct normal business operations outside of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated. Offshore countries provide tax exemptions to companies that relocate to or incorporate within the jurisdiction if their transactions and dealings are limited to outside of the country's borders.
The following documents are required to establish an offshore company in Dubai, UAE:

1. A 3 -Year Business plan ( Not Compulsory)
2. Brief Description of Business Activity
3. Three (3) options for name reservation.
4. Six months bank statements (stamped by the bank) or an original bank reference letter
5. Proof of Address ( Ex. Utility bills, etc..)
6. Shareholders Resume/Curriculum Vitae
7. Shareholders Passport Copies
Mainland Company Set Up

A mainland company is simply an onshore company that is registered with the government authority of the relevant Emirate. The trade license is issued by the Emirate's Department of Economic Development. A UAE mainland company is distinguished primarily by its unrestricted trading opportunities within the UAE local market.
Free Zone Company Set Up

A free zone company is one that is formed within a special jurisdiction that falls under the jurisdiction of a specific Emirate. There are currently over 40 Free Zones operating in the UAE. Free zone jurisdictions have their own rules and regulations, as well as a government regulatory body known as the Free Zone Authority. The Free Zone Authority is in charge of issuing trade licenses.
A UAE free zone is distinguished by the benefits of 100 percent foreign ownership and tax breaks. A free zone company is only permitted to conduct business within the free zone and outside of the UAE.

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